Poems from Pelion, Greece

2 min readMay 13, 2023


By A. Tozer

Here is the start of a collection of poems I wrote during a week long acting intensive in the picturesque mountain village of Pelion, Greece.

Me in my happiest, lounging in the morning sun

10,000 ft

Ten thousand feet in the air with my rawest feelings helplessly exposed

A thirst to create, to stare, to play

A fear of myself, a passion unmatched

I will write that piece.

I will pave that path and tell that story.

I will fall in love.

If you miss each other, it’s okay to reach out.


There is no knowing from nothing, how could there be?

There is no path forward without a solid and well planned path away

The road seems so obvious from twenty thousand feet. Trust it.

The tickled excitement of creative anticipation is a well kept mistress.

She is the reason to live and reason to hide.

She dances provocatively in half closed bedrooms — waiting to be watched but just as easily disturbed

I know her — that mistress that keeps me up at night sweating through the sheets.

She is me and I am her. I cannot control that which consumes me — the only thing I want. The only thing we want.

Do no fight her. She will fight back.

Look down at the road, the one which you so ardently affirm has no clear route.

See where it goes and do not fear it. That is the destination. That is the one you wanted.

Now be still and stay assured as you assure others.

All good things to those who wait.

More to come…